March 13,  2020

I am writing this note to fully inform everyone first hand as to the state of our company in light of the sudden and drastic drop in the financial markets caused by the Coronavirus -19 scare and the price wars in the oil industry between Russia and Saudi Arabia.

That said, we continue to monitor the situation closely.  We plan to remain disciplined and prudent in our approach. 

We have been watching the markets’ reactions closely since the turmoil began and I am pleased to report that so far we have seen no evidence to indicate that this will cause lasting or severe impact to our business. We believe that it will pass within the next 3-6 months and that we will be back to business as usual before the end of the third quarter.  In the meantime, we will remain prudent, disciplined and focused.  Our play book has not changed and we remain steadfast to our client first and only strategy and our commitment to delivering best in class services with speed and accuracy. 

Please know that our teams’ safety and security will always remain my priority.   Your thoughts and ideas are very important to me, so please continue to bring forward better, smarter and fast ways to help our clients succeed in their endeavors.  It is only with our collective thought leadership and “can do” approach that we will continue to lead our market.   

Thank you for everything you do to make us better every day!